Update and Customize Your Windows 10 Upgrade

Note – Proformance PC offers remote and travel computer repair services. We have a wide stretch service area spreading through the Midwest around Union Grove, WI including, but not limited to: Burlington, Elkhorn, Waterford, Sturtevant, Racine, Kenosha, Kansasville, Raymond, and all surrounding counties.

Proformance PC can help you update and/or customize your Windows 10 platform or walk you through it and help you achieve the convenience features you want. Here we will go through 5 of the major areas you may want to update or customize. Remember you can contact us for remote computer services wherever you are located, or if you are in Burlington, Sturtevant, Racine or surrounding areas, we are conveniently located in Union Grove, Wisconsin.

Update Windows Store Based Apps

This is easier than it sounds! With the recent Windows 10 upgrades, developers have strived to update their apps as well. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the user icon next to the search box
  2. In the dropdown – click Downloads

You will now be in the downloads and installs page of the new Windows Store

  1. Check all of your installed apps for updates by clicking Check for Updates
  2. Then click Update All to update any apps not updated
  3. Check Windows Update to make sure all your system updates are up to date

Customize your Start Menu Layout

In the Windows 10 update, Microsoft decided to not bring back the more popular Start Menu/Screen layout synching. Now each device you use can have its own unique layout. Things you can do to customize:

  • Personalization of screen format, appearance and layout
  • Pin websites to the Windows 10 Start Screen
  • Organize your Start Screen Tiles by assigning Titles for Grouping

These customization tricks are all worthy of their own article – We will revisit this. In the meantime contact Proformance PC for more information on doing any of these things for your devices.

Customize the File Explorer (Was Windows Explorer in Windows 7)

There are a couple of customization options in the new File Explorer. These can help you with your most commonly accessed computer areas. By customizing these you can make accessing these files across your system quicker and more convenient. You can use Quick Access in Windows 10 File Explorer and/or you can change how Windows 10 File Explorer opens.

Customize Microsoft Edge and Import Browser Favorites

The new browser from Microsoft that is Windows 10 is Microsoft Edge. You can still use any other browser you had installed on your previous system like IE or Mozilla. If you choose to use Microsoft Edge by default, you can optimize it for your preferences and import your favorites and bookmarked items from other browsers. Things you can do to customize:

  • Add the home button back to Microsoft Edge
  • Configure to open multiple home pages
  • Import other internet browser favorites
  • Open Internet Explorer Pages within Microsoft Edge where certain browser extensions may not be supported

Customize Quick Action Buttons

Windows 10 has a new Action Center on desktops and tablets. This stores alerts for your apps while you work. You can look back at the list at any time to make sure you didn’t miss anything later. Quick Action buttons are included in this Action Center to provide easy access to settings and functionalities. You can customize to have your most accessed options appear at the top of the Quick Action area.

Proformance PC can help you in all of these areas and even further customization of the newer Windows 10. Contact our IT specialists today with any questions you may have.

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