Remote Computer Support

Remote Computer Service – How it Works

How can Proformance PC fix your computer without you even having to leave your home? Seems crazy huh? The process of remote computer repair is fast and convenient. All you need to do is download a special program dependent on your operating system. This program then allows Proformance PC to access your computer through a computer in house. You can watch what our techs are doing on your computer as we do it. The program is a small file and does not take long to set up at all.

Windows 10 Customization by Performance PC

Update and Customize Your Windows 10 Upgrade

Proformance PC can help you update and/or customize your Windows 10 platform or walk you through it and help you achieve the convenience features you want. Here we will go through 5 of the major areas you may want to update or customize. Remember you can contact us for remote computer services wherever you are located, or if you are in Burlington, Sturtevant, Racine or surrounding areas, we are conveniently located in Union Grove, Wisconsin.