Remote Computer Service – How it Works

Note – Proformance PC offers remote and travel computer repair services. We have a wide stretch service area spreading through the Midwest around Union Grove, WI including, but not limited to: Burlington, Elkhorn, Waterford, Sturtevant, Racine, Kenosha, Kansasville, Raymond, and all surrounding counties.

How can Proformance PC fix your computer without you even having to leave your home? Seems crazy huh? The process of remote computer repair is fast and convenient. All you need to do is download a special program dependent on your operating system. This program then allows Proformance PC to access your computer through a computer in house. You can watch what our techs are doing on your computer as we do it. The program is a small file and does not take long to set up at all.

The nice part about it is you can watch every step along the process. You can see what we are clicking and doing to fix your computer as we are doing it. This way you know all your personal data and information is not at risk. If for any reason you want to disconnect the service, you can do so very quickly by clicking a button. The technician is only allowed access to your computer with your permission.

Remote service is convenient for the removal of viruses, malware, clean up for slower running computers, platform customization, and general diagnosis of other issues.

We will walk you through how to allow us to connect to your computer and what we will be doing. We will provide you a web address where you can get the file needed to allow our access and walk you through installing and if you want to remove immediately after your computer is fixed, we will walk you through that as well.

Convenience and Benefits or Remote Computer Repair

  • Don’t have to leave your home!
  • You can watch the step by step approach of our technicians as they are working
  • You can verify payment over the phone
  • You can ask any questions and speak with a technician through the process over the phone
  • Your issue is diagnosed and resolved immediately with no turnaround time besides the time that is actually needed (No overnight stays for your device 😉 )

Contact Proformance PC for remote computer repair today.