Laptop Cleaning and Repair

Professional Computer “Clean Up” Racine County

Proformance PC is your one stop shop for complete computer clean up. When your PC or laptop isn’t kept clean, you risk overheating and system failure. We are here to help prevent that – OR fix it if its already too late.

Desktop PC and laptop fans tend to draw in dust and dirt over time. If you live with pets – pet hair can build up in the fans and interior as well. Computers tend to suck in heavier dust particles faster than you will notice in the rest of your home. Once dust layers up on you processor, motherboard, video cards, and other components, this starts to prevent heat from escaping properly. This leads to overheating and the risk of severely damaging system failures and crashes.

This debris works as an insulator – keeping out the cool air needed to moderate the temps. If allowed to build up for too long, dust can get into your computer fan ball bearings, preventing them from spinning correctly. Moving further into damaging effects, once your video card and CPU fans begin to be effected – you are looking at bigger issues.

Proformance PC provides full computer clean up and repair services including the following:

  • ­Computer/PC Fan Cleaning
  • Desktop/PC Case Cleaning
  • Computer Power Supply Cleaning
  • Computer Video Cards Cleaning

Contact Proformance PC for a Computer Cleaning Service Estimate in Racine County.