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iMac vs. PC from Racine County Performance Computer Shop

What is the actual difference between an Apple iMac and a PC? Let’s break it down for you:

*indicates the stronger of the two for each category


*Mac: Typically less vulnerable to viruses and malware. This however may change as viruses are beginning to try to target Apple computers with the belief there is less experience out there with fighting iMac operating system viruses

PC: Microsoft Windows (typical to run on PCs) is a large target for attackers. This can be avoided simply with and antivirus program.


Mac: Peripherals, upgrades and repairs tend to be more expensive than with a PC.

*PC: Typically more competitive with a wider range of budgets being catered.


*Mac: Typically a much “cleaner” and faster performing operating system

PC: Microsoft has improved a great deal, however they still tend to bundle “bloatware” with their computers.


Mac: While they are increasing, there are more programs available for Windows based computers.

*PC: There is a larger selection when it comes to software because there are more people developing for PCs running Windows. There is also a great deal of FREE programs for Windows computers only.


*Mac: Materials are taken very seriously by Apple.

PC: Some PC manufacturers will use plastics and cheaper materials to keep the overall cost down – this is not always the case though and there are PCs with higher quality materials than iMacs as well.


Mac: Apple options are indeed growing by the day, however they have not quite beaten Windows computers in options. This can be attributed to the vast variety of components available within Windows computers.

*PC: Available in almost any customization imaginable – Configuration, Color, Size, Etc. If you can’t find it already built, someone can likely build it for you.


*Mac: Efficient hardware and operating system makes for a fast boot time

PC: Working on efficiency but tend to be slightly slower to boot.


Mac: Not many interchangeable parts.

*PC: Almost every part of a PC can be upgraded in one way or another. Also, parts are typically more affordable and available.


Mac: Most games are released to PC first – some games may take years before being iMac compatible

*PC: The no-question best when it comes to gaming. Most games released for PCs first or primarily.


Mac: Glue has become a common component to hold parts inside the computer in place – Glue can hinder repair and make it difficult

*PC: Components are often simpler and more affordable to repair and/or replace


Still unsure which is best for you? Contact Proformance PC, we will help you decide which is best for you – and iMac or a PC as well as customize your new computer to achieve what you need.