How do I Know if I have a Virus?

Computer viruses can be tricky. Sometimes they can be very obvious and sometimes they can keep themselves hidden. There are a few telltale signs you may have a virus. Below are 5 of the most common issues you may experience when dealing with a computer virus. If you are experiencing any of these issues contact Proformance PC – we can help no matter where you are located with our remote service options. Virus issues in Burlington, Kenosha, Racine, Sturtevant, Elkhorn? Not a problem, let us help without you even having to leave your home!

First Big Sign of a Virus: Pop Up Ads

Pop-up ads used to be a common computer annoyance that did not mean a virus. Over time, they created a range of pop up blockers and different prevention tools to prevent this type of annoying advertising. If you are experiencing a lot of pop up ads on multiple websites, it doesn’t 100% mean you have a virus. It could be a poorly configured or non-updated browser. However, if you are using a standard and up to date browser – you may have a bigger issue.

If you are experiencing pop up ads even when your browser (internet) window is closed – you likely have a virus issue. If these ads are claiming to be “Virus Prevention” or “Virus Clean Up” or “Virus Removal” tools – they are even more likely to actually be the opposite..  These ads will likely have a link or something to click to “fix your computer now”. Do not un-educatedly click that link – you can do more damage on accident. Call Proformance PC and let us help you determine the true risk and best solution.

Sending Messages you Didn’t Actually Send?

Once a virus affects your computer – it’s going to want to spread. The more PCs they can hit – the happier they are. Just like the common cold virus. The easiest way for the virus to attack others is to use your avenues to send to as many of your friends and contacts as possible, hoping they will fall for the links and tricks they have in store like you may have.

These viruses can take over your email, your social media accounts, your messengers – any way they can easily contact people they find through your different contact lists. Keep an eye out for this. If you see emails in your sent folder or posts on your social media you did not post – this is likely a virus. Also, if your friends or acquaintances tell you they are receiving odd things from you – look into this and call Proformance PC to help remove this virus before it spreads any further.

You Can’t Access your Programs and Tools

The most common way to access all your programs and tools in one fell swoop is the CTRL + Alt + Delete command. This opens up your “Task Manager” and shows you all running programs. If you are having issues with your running programs or trying to get things to work properly and try this command and the command doesn’t work – you likely have a virus. It may pop up with a random error message or may just not work at all. Your virus is blocking your “Task Manager” to keep you from seeing that it is attacking your systems resources and eating through your programs.

Viruses can be very vicious. They may block a range of your utilities to protect itself and keep growing. At this point, Anti – Malware software and a deep cleaning is necessary. Proformance can help you with this issue and make sure you don’t use a program that will actually spread the damage vs. fix it. Give us a call and we can remote in so you don’t have to leave your house to get the virus help you need!

You’re Locked Out and Must Click This Link or Send this Cash to Get Back In

This type of virus is commonly referred to as “ransomware”. Often you will get an alarming message that states you have done something you are not supposed to on your computer and have to pay X amount in fines to get access back. Likely it claims to be from an anonymous blackmailer, or from a law enforcement agency. Don’t fall for this scam!

This type of virus is likely blocking some of your important programs from running and could be encrypting your data and files to continue blocking them or damaging them. They are doing whatever they think will scare you enough to pay the ransom or “fine” so you can get your computer back to normal. Paying this fine will not help the issue and you will just be susceptible to more fraud and nuisance. If you are experiencing this threat – it is crucial you have a professional on the matter. Call Proformance PC right away.

You Have No Symptoms At All

When it comes to viruses, these are the worst of them! More vicious and powerful viruses can hide the best – deeper in your PC without showing any symptoms. The silent killers. These type of viruses are often stealing your passwords, personal information, sensitive or private files and data, etc. These viruses could be stealing your information for fraud, or using your computer to reach other computers. Sometimes they will try to use your information to get into bank or organization systems as well.

Things to watch for to catch these hard to find/hard to notice viruses is slower internet connection or abnormally high memory usage/processing. If you suspect any unusual usage happening, contact Proformance PC and let us check it out for you!

Protect Your PC Always

You should protect your PC at all times. Having virus prevention and security software is very important. Without any type of security installed, you are at a much higher risk for viruses and will likely experience some major issues. Proformance PC can help keep your anti-virus software and anti-malware programs up to date and make sure you have the best equipment to keep your systems safe. Once again, we offer remote and travel services – so no matter your location, we have you covered!

Contact Proformance PC for computer problem solutions you can depend on.