Would your business survive the 4 beer test this Christmas?

So, it’s unlikely you’ll be having a traditional office Christmas party this year. Thank Covid, you party-pooper.

But I’m sure at least some of your team will find a way to celebrate together over a few beers after work one day.

And that’s why it’s worth asking if your business can pass the 4 beer test.

What’s that? We reckon 4 beers is about the stage where people start to “relax” so much, they start to forget the important stuff.


Like picking up their laptop bag when they leave the bar. Or as they’re jumping off the train home in a fluster, after a little impromptu nap 🙄

Laptops and mobiles get left in bars and on trains all the time, especially on dark winter nights like these.

Thing is – depending on your IT setup, a lost laptop can either be a minor inconvenience. Or a complete disaster.

How can you tell which? By asking these 3 questions:

  • Is it encrypted?
  • Is it password protected?
  • Can the data be wiped remotely?

If it’s a “yes” to all three, you can relax. It’s annoying you’ve lost your device… but your business’s data is safe. No-one can access it.

And if you can’t positively answer all three… uh-oh… problem. These days, the loss of data is a much bigger deal than the loss of a device.

If you’re not 100% sure you can answer all 3 questions with a big fat YES… then give us a call. We can check for you.

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