Waterford Laptop Remote Virus Removal Customer has a Healthy Computer

This customer from Waterford, Wi contacted us when she found herself at the mercy of a virus she received from a sneaky pop up ad. She thought she was updating her virus protection, when really she did quite the opposite. Since this customer works from home and needed to have her laptop back to full par ASAP, we remote accessed in and removed the virus and cleaned up the damage done without her even having to leave her home. We provide the convenience of minimal downtime and a healthy computer!

I called Performance PC in Union Grove when I realized my laptop was running weird and more programs were open than I actually was using myself. My task manager was flooded and frozen. The computer technician I talked to was great and was able to diagnose what was happening right away. I paid for my services over the phone with my Debt Card, and they walked me through allowing the remote access repair. They removed my virus and checked to make sure all was returned to normal AND even made sure my virus protection was ACTUALLY up to date legitimately and not the scam one. I’m very happy! Even though Union Grove is not that far, it was nice to not have to drive from Waterford there. It was nice not to have to leave my home!

Megan V, Waterford, WI

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