Burlington iMac Repair Customer Says Job Well Done!

Proformance PC provides custom iMac repair services. It can be hard to find a local company to repair your apple computer products. We have you covered. This customer from Burlington, Wisconsin wasn’t aware we serviced iMac Computers as well, but contacted us anyways just in case – and was pleased to hear that he didn’t have to go all the way to Milwaukee to find an iMac repair specialist. Proformance PC is local and competitive on rates. With the growing Apple vs. PC industry – our expert computer technicians are always keeping up with the times and technology.

Kevin was super knowledgeable and quick to provide answers. I was excited to hear a local company only 15 minutes from Burlington was able to repair my iMac. I prefer to support local businesses, and not looking forward to having to go to an Apple retailer. My iMac failed – he got it working again and replaced my hard drive. The turnaround time was quick and was able to pick up my computer the next day! I will be returning to Performance PC in Union Grove again and highly recommend to others.

Jack R , Burlington, WI

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