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4 ways to make video calls better in 2021

I think we can all accept by now, that video calls will continue to be a staple of business communications next year.

But did you know you can considerably improve your calls with just a few little tweaks? There are four key areas to pay attention to.

We’ll show you what to do and how to do it, in our brand new video


Would your business survive the 4 beer test this Christmas?

So, it’s unlikely you’ll be having a traditional office Christmas party this year. Thank Covid, you party-pooper.

But I’m sure at least some of your team will find a way to celebrate together over a few beers after work one day.

And that’s why it’s worth asking if your business can pass the 4 beer test.

What’s that? We reckon 4 beers is about the stage where people start to “relax” so much, they start to forget the important stuff.


Like picking up their laptop bag when they leave the bar. Or as they’re jumping off the train home in a fluster, after a little impromptu nap 🙄

Laptops and mobiles get left in bars and on trains all the time, especially on dark winter nights like these.

Thing is – depending on your IT setup, a lost laptop can either be a minor inconvenience. Or a complete disaster.

How can you tell which? By asking these 3 questions:

  • Is it encrypted?
  • Is it password protected?
  • Can the data be wiped remotely?

If it’s a “yes” to all three, you can relax. It’s annoying you’ve lost your device… but your business’s data is safe. No-one can access it.

And if you can’t positively answer all three… uh-oh… problem. These days, the loss of data is a much bigger deal than the loss of a device.

If you’re not 100% sure you can answer all 3 questions with a big fat YES… then give us a call. We can check for you.

Top Five Reasons Why You Need to Backup Your Data!

Top Five Reasons Why You Need to Backup Your Data

There are all sorts of “backups” that help get you out of various situations. Think of the spare tire in your trunk or the extra pieces of webbing in a climbing anchor. If you’ve ever been rock climbing, you know that it’s essential to build redundancies into your anchors, that way if one part fails, you’ve got another part as a backup.

There are various reasons for having backups. In climbing, a backup can save your life, but with data, a backup can save your business. That said, let’s step back and count down the top five reasons why businesses need a proper data backup solution.

Simple Recovery

People are not infallible. They make mistakes, and actually, they make them quite often. Emails containing viruses are accidentally opened every day and important files are often mistakenly deleted. There’s no reason to fear these issues if you take frequent incremental snapshots of your systems. You can simply restore to a snapshot taken before the virus happened. Or you can recover the file from a time before it was deleted. It’s really easy to protect from the little things and there’s the added benefit of being ready for the big things as well.

Audits, Taxes, and Archives

Many, if not most businesses are required to keep business records for an extended period. This is either for tax purposes or because of various regulations. You might just need to look at what was going on a few years ago. It’s easy to assume that your computers have you covered just because they’ve got your last few years’ worth of information on them. But as you might know by now, having one copy is generally a huge mistake. Insuring that you’ve got an offsite backup of critical client information can really save you if something goes wrong locally. The IRS and regulatory commissions really don’t care that you had a data disaster. All it means to them is that you’re not compliant and they can fine you.

Competitive Advantage

In a previous article, we discussed the ways in which backups can actually be a competitive advantage. In the untimely event of a disaster, the first business to get back up and running will take all the business of those that aren’t back on their feet. As we’ll discuss in a moment, not having a plan can mean your doors close for good. Proper planning means that your doors stay open to those that worked with businesses that couldn’t survive data disaster.

Deadly Downtime

A 2007 University of Texas study showed that 43 percent of businesses that suffer major data loss never reopen. Many of these companies end up closing their doors for good within two years of a major data loss. And even large data loss scenarios aren’t always the result of a disaster. Human hands are very capable of destroying a business through silly mistakes or oversights. Don’t think Mother Nature is always responsible. Simply backing up data and having an effective backup and disaster recovery plan in place can help mitigate these types of threat. You can be one of the surviving businesses if you think ahead.

Doing Work Twice

The first rule of doing work is “do it right the first time.” If you suffer a minor failure and don’t have backups, you may be able to recover certain things, but you never know what those “certain things” will be. In almost any case, you’ll have a boat-load of work to redo whether it’s setting systems up all over again or recreating spreadsheets you or your employees have been working on for months. Worse yet, if you suffer a major data loss, you could feasibly end up re-doing everything you’ve ever done—that’s a situation few companies survive.

Computer RAM

iMac vs. PC from Racine County Performance Computer Shop

What is the actual difference between an Apple iMac and a PC? Let’s break it down for you:

*indicates the stronger of the two for each category


*Mac: Typically less vulnerable to viruses and malware. This however may change as viruses are beginning to try to target Apple computers with the belief there is less experience out there with fighting iMac operating system viruses

PC: Microsoft Windows (typical to run on PCs) is a large target for attackers. This can be avoided simply with and antivirus program.


Mac: Peripherals, upgrades and repairs tend to be more expensive than with a PC.

*PC: Typically more competitive with a wider range of budgets being catered.


*Mac: Typically a much “cleaner” and faster performing operating system

PC: Microsoft has improved a great deal, however they still tend to bundle “bloatware” with their computers.


Mac: While they are increasing, there are more programs available for Windows based computers.

*PC: There is a larger selection when it comes to software because there are more people developing for PCs running Windows. There is also a great deal of FREE programs for Windows computers only.


*Mac: Materials are taken very seriously by Apple.

PC: Some PC manufacturers will use plastics and cheaper materials to keep the overall cost down – this is not always the case though and there are PCs with higher quality materials than iMacs as well.


Mac: Apple options are indeed growing by the day, however they have not quite beaten Windows computers in options. This can be attributed to the vast variety of components available within Windows computers.

*PC: Available in almost any customization imaginable – Configuration, Color, Size, Etc. If you can’t find it already built, someone can likely build it for you.


*Mac: Efficient hardware and operating system makes for a fast boot time

PC: Working on efficiency but tend to be slightly slower to boot.


Mac: Not many interchangeable parts.

*PC: Almost every part of a PC can be upgraded in one way or another. Also, parts are typically more affordable and available.


Mac: Most games are released to PC first – some games may take years before being iMac compatible

*PC: The no-question best when it comes to gaming. Most games released for PCs first or primarily.


Mac: Glue has become a common component to hold parts inside the computer in place – Glue can hinder repair and make it difficult

*PC: Components are often simpler and more affordable to repair and/or replace


Still unsure which is best for you? Contact Proformance PC, we will help you decide which is best for you – and iMac or a PC as well as customize your new computer to achieve what you need.

Laptop Cleaning and Repair

Professional Computer “Clean Up” Racine County

Proformance PC is your one stop shop for complete computer clean up. When your PC or laptop isn’t kept clean, you risk overheating and system failure. We are here to help prevent that – OR fix it if its already too late.

Desktop PC and laptop fans tend to draw in dust and dirt over time. If you live with pets – pet hair can build up in the fans and interior as well. Computers tend to suck in heavier dust particles faster than you will notice in the rest of your home. Once dust layers up on you processor, motherboard, video cards, and other components, this starts to prevent heat from escaping properly. This leads to overheating and the risk of severely damaging system failures and crashes.

This debris works as an insulator – keeping out the cool air needed to moderate the temps. If allowed to build up for too long, dust can get into your computer fan ball bearings, preventing them from spinning correctly. Moving further into damaging effects, once your video card and CPU fans begin to be effected – you are looking at bigger issues.

Proformance PC provides full computer clean up and repair services including the following:

  • ­Computer/PC Fan Cleaning
  • Desktop/PC Case Cleaning
  • Computer Power Supply Cleaning
  • Computer Video Cards Cleaning

Contact Proformance PC for a Computer Cleaning Service Estimate in Racine County.