Computer RAM

iMac vs. PC from Racine County Performance Computer Shop

What is the actual difference between an Apple iMac and a PC? Let’s break it down for you:

*indicates the stronger of the two for each category


*Mac: Typically less vulnerable to viruses and malware. This however may change as viruses are beginning to try to target Apple computers with the belief there is less experience out there with fighting iMac operating system viruses

PC: Microsoft Windows (typical to run on PCs) is a large target for attackers. This can be avoided simply with and antivirus program.


Mac: Peripherals, upgrades and repairs tend to be more expensive than with a PC.

*PC: Typically more competitive with a wider range of budgets being catered.


*Mac: Typically a much “cleaner” and faster performing operating system

PC: Microsoft has improved a great deal, however they still tend to bundle “bloatware” with their computers.


Mac: While they are increasing, there are more programs available for Windows based computers.

*PC: There is a larger selection when it comes to software because there are more people developing for PCs running Windows. There is also a great deal of FREE programs for Windows computers only.


*Mac: Materials are taken very seriously by Apple.

PC: Some PC manufacturers will use plastics and cheaper materials to keep the overall cost down – this is not always the case though and there are PCs with higher quality materials than iMacs as well.


Mac: Apple options are indeed growing by the day, however they have not quite beaten Windows computers in options. This can be attributed to the vast variety of components available within Windows computers.

*PC: Available in almost any customization imaginable – Configuration, Color, Size, Etc. If you can’t find it already built, someone can likely build it for you.


*Mac: Efficient hardware and operating system makes for a fast boot time

PC: Working on efficiency but tend to be slightly slower to boot.


Mac: Not many interchangeable parts.

*PC: Almost every part of a PC can be upgraded in one way or another. Also, parts are typically more affordable and available.


Mac: Most games are released to PC first – some games may take years before being iMac compatible

*PC: The no-question best when it comes to gaming. Most games released for PCs first or primarily.


Mac: Glue has become a common component to hold parts inside the computer in place – Glue can hinder repair and make it difficult

*PC: Components are often simpler and more affordable to repair and/or replace


Still unsure which is best for you? Contact Proformance PC, we will help you decide which is best for you – and iMac or a PC as well as customize your new computer to achieve what you need.

Laptop Cleaning and Repair

Professional Computer “Clean Up” Racine County

Proformance PC is your one stop shop for complete computer clean up. When your PC or laptop isn’t kept clean, you risk overheating and system failure. We are here to help prevent that – OR fix it if its already too late.

Desktop PC and laptop fans tend to draw in dust and dirt over time. If you live with pets – pet hair can build up in the fans and interior as well. Computers tend to suck in heavier dust particles faster than you will notice in the rest of your home. Once dust layers up on you processor, motherboard, video cards, and other components, this starts to prevent heat from escaping properly. This leads to overheating and the risk of severely damaging system failures and crashes.

This debris works as an insulator – keeping out the cool air needed to moderate the temps. If allowed to build up for too long, dust can get into your computer fan ball bearings, preventing them from spinning correctly. Moving further into damaging effects, once your video card and CPU fans begin to be effected – you are looking at bigger issues.

Proformance PC provides full computer clean up and repair services including the following:

  • ­Computer/PC Fan Cleaning
  • Desktop/PC Case Cleaning
  • Computer Power Supply Cleaning
  • Computer Video Cards Cleaning

Contact Proformance PC for a Computer Cleaning Service Estimate in Racine County.

iMac Repair Services Racine County Performance PC

iMac and other Apple Computer Repair Services

Proformance PC does not only fix PC systems, we also provide Apple system support including iMac Repair Services. We are locally based in Union Grove, Wisconsin, servicing throughout Racine County and Kenosha County. We also offer remote computer repair services for convenience and mail-in options.

Computer RAM

How Do You Know if Your Computer Needs More RAM?

RAM (Random Access Memory) is what measures the amount of data your computer can process at any given time. When you have too little RAM, your computer may not perform as you would like it to. You may struggle with running to many applications at once and having your computer keep up and be able to handle it all. HOWEVER, not all speed and processing issues are always due to lack of RAM. It is important to be sure the issue is properly diagnosed. Contact Proformance PC, your local computer repair shop servicing Racine and Kenosha County for remote or in house computer repair help.

Some tips to determine if you need more RAM:

  1. Eliminate other common issues or causes that you may be mistaking as lack of RAM. Perform a virus and/or malware scan and check your hard drive space. It is important to make sure you have at least 10% capacity available on your hard drive.
  2. Watch for the tell tale signs of not enough RAM. The most common issue is typically slow running applications or unresponsive applications. Another common issue is broken or distorted display of your applications. Sometimes you may even get notifications or on screen messages prompting that you have insufficient memory.
  3. Keep a log of your issues over the course of a few days. Note what applications you are trying to use and the specific issues with each. If the issue is with the amount of RAM you have, it will likely effect more than one application and not be with just one or sporadic.
  4. Keep an eye on how much RAM your computer is actually using regularly. Start up a few applications that you would typically run all at once. Once running, check your “task manager” (click on the start button, type task manager, and open). Watch the amount of “Physical Memory” you are using while operating within the apps you have open. If you are brinking on the full 100% memory, adding more RAM to your PC would help.

The amount of RAM you would benefit from will depend on your operating system. Check in your “System and Security” details by clicking the start button and finding them. Then click on “System”. This is where you will find if your system is 32-bit or 64-bit. If you are operating with a 32-bit system, we would not recommend exceeding more than 4GB of RAM as it will not benefit you. Proformance PC can help you to decide the best course of action and make sure you have adequate RAM for your needs.

Contact Proformance PC for in house or remote computer repair and diagnostic services today.

Remote Computer Support

Remote Computer Service – How it Works

How can Proformance PC fix your computer without you even having to leave your home? Seems crazy huh? The process of remote computer repair is fast and convenient. All you need to do is download a special program dependent on your operating system. This program then allows Proformance PC to access your computer through a computer in house. You can watch what our techs are doing on your computer as we do it. The program is a small file and does not take long to set up at all.

Windows 10 Customization by Performance PC

Update and Customize Your Windows 10 Upgrade

Proformance PC can help you update and/or customize your Windows 10 platform or walk you through it and help you achieve the convenience features you want. Here we will go through 5 of the major areas you may want to update or customize. Remember you can contact us for remote computer services wherever you are located, or if you are in Burlington, Sturtevant, Racine or surrounding areas, we are conveniently located in Union Grove, Wisconsin.

Hard Drive Repair Racine County

Hard Drive and Data Back Up – Why and How

The hard drive crash nightmare – You don’t know what happened, but your computer isn’t running properly and EVERYTHING that meant ANYTHING to you on your computer is GONE. Your family photos, your term paper, that big report due to your boss first thing tomorrow morning, your Grandma’s best recipe.. It’s all gone! The panic begins.

Virus Removal Racine County

How do I Know if I have a Virus?

Computer viruses can be tricky. Sometimes they can be very obvious and sometimes they can keep themselves hidden. There are a few telltale signs you may have a virus. Below are 5 of the most common issues you may experience when dealing with a computer virus. If you are experiencing any of these issues contact Proformance PC – we can help no matter where you are located with our remote service options. Virus issues in Burlington, Kenosha, Racine, Sturtevant, Elkhorn? Not a problem, let us help without you even having to leave your home!